La meraviglia TALKS

Patrick Tuttofuoco


Wednesday 16 December, 19:30


The talk will be live streamed on the Facebook page of Manifattura Tabacchi.

A series of talks during which the artists and curators visiting Manifattura Tabacchi share their experiences, as such offering up a space for discussion during the course of their workshops with the artists in residence of L’armonia.

A conversation with Sergio Risaliti, Manifattura Tabacchi Art Residencies curator and Director of Museo Novecento of Florence. Introduced by Paolo Parisi, Art Residencies tutor.

The talk will be live streamed on the Facebook page of Manifattura Tabacchi.


L’armonia TALKS

h 19:30

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16 December | Patrick Tuttofuoco

Patrick Tuttofuoco

Born in Milan, 1974. Lives and works in Milano.

Patrick Tuttofuoco’s practice is conceived as a dialogue between individuals and their ability to transform the environment they inhabit, by exploring notions of community and social integration in order to combine immediate sensorial allure with the power to trigger profound  theoretical responses. Tuttofuoco melds Modernism and Pop; he presses figuration into abstraction, using man as the paradigm of existence, as the matrix and measuring unit of reality.
From this interpretative and cognitive process, infinite versions of man and the context of his existence are produced, from which shapes able to animate the sculptures are generated.

Patrick Tuttofuoco participated at the 50th Venice Biennale (2003), Manifesta 5 (2004), at the 6th Shanghai Biennale (2006) and at 10th Havana Biennal (2009). His works has been exhibited in several institutions such as Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy (2006) and the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2008).

Recent solo and group exhibitions: 10×100 Fabbrica d’arte contemporanea, Giovanardi Spa, Concorezzo, Monza, Italy (2019); Elevatio Corpus, Tre Progetti per Ghizzano, Ghizzano, Pisa, Italy (2019); Gremio Ermanno Casoli, Serra San Quirico, Ancora, Italy (2019); Federica Schiavo Gallery Milan, Italy (2019); WP Store, Florence – Bologna – Milan, Italy (2019); Triennale, Milan, Italy (2018); Casa Italia, Pyeongchan, South Corea (2018); Maxxi, Rome, Italy (2018); Galleria Cracco,
Milan, Italy (2018); MACRO, Rome, Italy (2017); OGR, Grandi Officine Riparazioni, Turin, Italy (2017); Plasma Plastic Modern Art, Milan, Italy (2017); Mega, Venice, Italy (2017); Federica Schiavo Gallery, Milan, Italy (2016); HangarBicocca, Milan, Italy (2015); dispari&dispari project, Reggio Emilia, Italy (2015); Piazzetta Brera, Milan, Italy (2015); Caserma Ettore De Sonnaz, Turin, Italy (2015); PAC, Milan, Italy (2015); Studio Guenzani, Milan, Italy (2014); Museo Carlo Zauli, Faenza, Italy (2014); 2nd Xinjiang International Art Biennale, Xinjiang, China (2014); Antinori Familiae Museum, San Casciano, Firenze,
Italy (2013); Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid, Madrid, Spain (2013); MAMbo, Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Bologna, Italy (2013); Palazzo Borghese, Rome, Italy (2012); GAM, Milan, Italy (2012); Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, USA (2012); Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada (2012); Kunstverein Arnsberg, Arnsberg, Germany (2012); Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Prague, Czech Republic (2012); Peres Project, Berlin, Germany (2011); Anti Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea, Mestre, Venice, Italy (2011); MARTa, Herford, Germany (2011); MACRO, Rome, Italy (2010); Dersa Comfort, Zurich, Switzerland (2010); Fondazione Pomodoro, Milan, Italy (2010); Le Magasin, Grenoble, France (2010); GAMeC, Bergamo, Italy (2010); MART, Rovereto, Italy (2010); Italian Embassy in Berlin, Berlin, Germany (2010); Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy (2010); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy (2010);Le Dictateur, Milan, Italy (2010); Gallery Pilar Corrias, London, UK (2009); Peep-Hole, Milan, Italy (2009); Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany (2009); Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, USA (2009); 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanzawa, Japan (2009).