On Sunday, January 28th, from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm | B9


Workshop aimed at children (5+) and adults organized by the Onouka Association in collaboration with artists Leonardo Pellegatta and Susanna Stigler


Subscription: info@onouka.com or 3342949269



Cyanotype is an ancient printing technique that brings participants closer to the origins of photography through the observation of nature and the magical phenomenon of light.

Using plant materials and more (including photographic negatives, objects, and various materials) opens up endless possibilities for creating prints with the distinctive Prussian blue color; no camera, just light and water!

During the workshop, participants will approach cyanotype both theoretically and practically. After a brief introduction to the first photographic book in history featuring cyanotypes of botany, some examples of contemporary artists’ work will be reviewed, followed by the hands-on experience of creating a cyanotype.
Nature itself will assist with inspirations and materials (leaves, branches, textures) to draw with light and unveil the poetry of forms, renewing our way of looking at the world.



The Cultural Association Onouka ETS stems from the collaboration of young specialists in the artistic and educational sector. Graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, its purpose is to promote better cultural integration in the Tuscan territory, cultural exchange, and education through artistic practices.