Laura Tripaldi presents Gender tech in conversation with Clusterduck

Thursday, December 21st, at 6.30 pm | B9


Free Admission


From the speculum to the contraceptive pill, from pregnancy tests to ultrasound, the relationship between women’s bodies and the gaze of technology is ambiguous. Despite their emancipatory potential, these devices carry traces of the patriarchal culture that produced them, revealing themselves as instruments of objectification and violence.

In addition to these political implications, the stories of these ‘gender technologies’ problematize our understanding of the ‘biological body’ as a natural and self-evident reality, urging us to challenge the neutrality and objectivity of the scientific gaze on our bodies.

In conversation with Clusterduck Collective, Laura Tripaldi, one of the most original intellectuals of the new generation, scientist, and feminist, will invite us to reflect on the relationship between technologies and women’s bodies through the lens of her new book Gender tech (Laterza, 2023).

Laura Tripaldi

Laura Tripaldi, scholar and writer, works at the intersection of science, technology, and contemporary humanities. She has taught courses, seminars, and workshops in prestigious cultural and academic institutions worldwide. She has published “Menti Parallele. Scoprire l’intelligenza dei materiali” (effequ 2020), translated into English and Spanish, “Corpi ambigui. Sguardi, genere, tecnologia” (Einaudi 2021), and “Gender Tech” (Laterza, 2023).


Clusterduck is an interdisciplinary collective working at the intersection of research, design, and transmediality, focusing on the processes and actors behind the creation of digital content and its dissemination on the Internet. Clusterduck’s works have been exhibited at Ars Electronica, Villa Arson Nice, The Influencers, Werkleitz Festival, Impakt Festival, re:publica, Arebyte, Greencube Gallery, Tentacular Festival, IFFR, Radical Networks, and other venues around the world.