Lavoretto / Giuseppe De Mattia | Toast Project Space

from 17.12.2021 to 30.01.2022
from 10am to 12am

Friday 17th december 2021 starting at 7pm





Lavoretto is a portrait of the contemporary artist’s mid-career condition.

In this installation-performance, Giuseppe De Mattia transforms the Toast cabin into a call center, using the structure and its woking history as a set in which two performers/operators will follow a script and rules written by the artist as they try to “present” the result of the performance to museums and institutions both in Italy and abroad.
The two operators will spend an entire working day making calls of this nature and will be compensated with an entertainment worker’s base salary.
A lunch break, a soccer match in the DLF fields in front of the Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, and a dinner at a pizzeria before returning home, will conclude the working day and the private performance.
The day’s dull routine will semantically nullify the importance of the artist’s working shift, obliterating its meaning and final purpose: finding a job in the art world.

For one month, the public will be able to see a vivisection of the performance experience-turned-installation, with furniture designed by the artist for the cabin set, an audio track, and two photographs.
Publication of a book that will reveal behind-the-scenes details and results will follow.



Giuseppe De Mattia (Bari, 1980) is an artist who uses different tools to investigate the relationship between memory, archive and contemporaneity. In his latest works, he starts with photography and then moves onto video and audio up to drawing .
For his works, which always take different installation forms, he uses  tools (often self-built) that can create narratives.
He works alone or in collectives such as Coclite / De Mattia and Casa a Mare (with Luca Coclite and Claudio Musso). He collaborates with Home Movies – Archivio Nazionale del film di Famiglia and has collaborated with the Cineteca di Bologna.
He is represented by the Matèria gallery in Rome and by Labs Contemporary Art in Bologna. He publishes with Corraini Edizioni, Danilo Montanari Editore and Skinnerboox. In 2015 he started a self-publishing publishing project with the name of L.T – Libri Tasso and in 2020 he founded Marktstudio, a container of artistic projects within a frame workshop in Bologna.