L’Eredità delle Donne 2023 | VI Edition

From November 24th to 26th, live in Florence at Manifattura Tabacchi (B11) and online on the website www.ereditadelledonne.eu

The event is a project by Elastica, founding partners Fondazione CR Firenze and Gucci, with the co-promotion of the Municipality of Florence, collaboration with Elle, and the participation of Manifattura Tabacchi, the main venue of the festival. Rai Radio 2 is the official radio of the festival. “The Heritage of Women” 2023 is organized with the support of Engie, Ford, iliad, Nieco, Polimoda, and SYNLAB. The sixth edition of the festival is pleased to inaugurate a new partnership with the Elle brand.

“Mothers of the Fatherland” is the title of the sixth edition of L’Eredità delle Donne the festival under the artistic direction of Serena Dandini, dedicated to female empowerment and the extraordinary achievements women know and have known how to accomplish in every field. This year, it will coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, taking place from November 24th to 26th in Florence and online at www.ereditadelledonne.eu.

As has always been in its genetic makeup, this year’s festival once again highlights the voices of women engaged in peace processes. Serena Dandini, the artistic director of the festival, states, “Our planet is on fire, and women, the primary victims of all wars, are messengers and builders of peace. I want to believe in this, and that’s why we want to commit ourselves.” Reflecting on the devastating conflict between Israel and Palestine, not forgetting Ukraine, Dandini cites the words of what she considers a great Mother of the Fatherland, Liliana Segre: “I wanted to be a woman of peace; I have never taught the words ‘hatred’ and ‘vengeance,’ and so I will die.” Lastly, this year, the festival dates coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Despite progress towards gender equality, gender-based violence persists. Regardless of the good laws enacted and the good intentions declared every day, the cultural revolution necessary to defeat this tragedy is still to be accomplished. “The Heritage of Women” also keeps a keen focus on this issue.

On Saturday, November 25th, from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm, during the festival, it will be possible to learn about all the female entrepreneurial ventures that have chosen Manifattura Tabacchi as a space to express creativity and grow their businesses. Among these: CuchissLab, Polverenera, Fàbera, Hiroko, Lunedī, Noa Ink, Opera Prima, ZOO _Hub, SUPERDUPER, Archivi Sartoriali, Shake Café, Bulli & BaleneLOSTUDIOESSE.

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