lucia festival

LIVE TALK From the courtyard to the factory: the sixties in Italy.
Guided listenings from the RAI archives.


Sunday 13 December
h 16:00


In video live streaming on Radio PapesseLucia FestivalManifattura Tabacchi e FUL Magazine Facebook pages.

lucia festival

Sunday 13 December at 16:00, for LUCIA Festival, the live talk From the courtyard to the factory: the sixties in Italy: guided listenings from the RAI archives with Andrea Borgnino, Luisa Santacesaria and Rodolfo Sacchettini.

Giochi di Fanciulli by Giorgio Pressburger
Language: Italian, lenght: 32’35’’

Among the most important experimental radio pieces produced for the Italian public radio, Giochi di Fanciulli mixes radio drama, documentary and abstract language.
It takes inspiration from Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Children’s Game (1560).
With Giochi di Fanciulli, in 1970 Giorgio Pressburger won the prestigious Prix Italia Award

Intervista Aziendale by Primo Levi and Carlo Quartucci
Language: italiano, lenght: 41’42’’

Produced in 1968, Intervista Aziendale is a documentary-radiodrama that renovated the radiophonic canon, mixing genres, forms and languages blurring the lines between fiction and reality.