Malts and matches

Beer and cigar tasting session

Giovedì 6 febbraio

21:00 – 23:00

Birrificio Valdarno Superiore presents an evening in the company of experts and cigar lovers, retracing the important historical presence of tobacco in Tuscany which led to the creation of the Toscanello and the Tuscan cigar. As part of the evening, there will be a tasting session for beers and cigars in the garden area of B9.

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Birrificio Valdarno Superiore

Antonio Massa, BVS

The Birrificio Valdarno Superiore is an artisan company that was set up in the province of Arezzo in 2013. It produces high fermentation beers inspired by its territory and is part of the Unionbirrai association. All beers are produced with high quality raw ingredients, love, and passion, but the secret to their great taste lies in the simplest of ingredients: the water.

BVS is one of the very few Italian breweries to have the opportunity, thanks to a private well, to draw pure water directly from the slopes below the site of the brewery.