From Shop to Experience

Saturday 4th and sunday 5th december
From 11:00 to 21:00


//Free entry
//Some workshops required booking on Eventbrite



On the 4th and 5th December, from 11:00 to 21:00, the community of makers and creatives will welcome the public of Manifattura Tabacchi for Family & Friends. A weekend to discover design products; brand trend setters, workshops, gastronomic proposals and music.

Manifattura’s makers open the doors of their ateliers: SUPERDUPER with its handmade hats, TodoModo with its books and indie magazines. On the occasion, the public will also be able to meet the new members who have joined the community: from the rare and unique plants by nop, to the nonconformist footwear brand CASBIA; from the urban concept store Switch, to Whispr, the knitwear brand for gender equality.
Art will also be present, with a corner dedicated to Toast Project Space, the independent art space of Manifattura Tabacchi born from an idea by the artist Stefano Giuri.

The B9 will be populated by the presence of brands selected by the makers for Manifattura’s public: clothing from Camo, jewels from Elisa Vannini and design products from Progetto Undici and Pijama.

Free workshops are also scheduled: some makers will bring their brands to life with a multidisciplinary program of workshops and laboratories to engage the community and visitors who will be able to closely observe the production process and experience the art of craftsmanship, whether buying or requesting a product.

On Saturday the 4rd of December, Todo Modo will inaugurate The Lift: the smallest bookshop in the world. 2.52 square meters obtained in an old freight elevator that will house a single publisher: Humboldt Books, a publishing house specializing in storytelling and travel experiences that gives life to interdisciplinary publishing projects by crossing geography and literature, photography and art.

During these two days the independent electronic music label Bosconi Records curates, for 24 hours, a musical selection that will alternate with the DJ console of the national scene. All this thanks to the sound system of Pequod Acoustics.

For the occasion, the Bulli & Balene bistrot will design a dedicated menu, on Saturday you can taste the delicious Japanese dishes of Bentō Fatti a Modo prepared by the chef Hiroko, and Il Giardino della Ciminiera will host the Necciaio‘s first Street Food Gluten Free in Florence.



From 11:00 to 21:00
Dj set by Bosconi Records

The makers’ ateliers will remain open to the public, together with the corners of Camo, Pijama, Elisa Vannini jewels, Progetto Undici and Toast Project Space.

Workshop by Todo Modo and La Sedia Blu
Saluti e baci — cartoline di casa in casa
What house are you? A warm mountain cabin or a shining metropolitan skyscraper?
Between stamps, postcards and reading proposals, a small creative workshop to discover what … home we are made of!
The workshop is aimed at children from 3 and a half years of age and Reservation is not required on Eventbrite.

Following the Inauguration of The Lift, the smallest bookshop in the world by Todo Modo

Laboratory by Whispr
Women at Work
Michela Bordoni – Senior Partner of Strategic Choices and expert in Headhunting and HR Consulting – will talk about the new professional challenges for women: navigating uncertainties and facing changes with a culture of cooperation.
Followed by Gionata Agliati – Senior Trainer and Mindfulness expert – who will discuss how to move from awareness to the ability to tap into and activate one’s inner resources through the practice of Mindfulness.
Reservation is required on Eventbrite here

Laboratory by nop
nop only plants but also more plants 
A few tips to make more plants from one plant and some chat about the best ways and plants with which to start making cuttings.
Reservation is required on Eventbrite here

17:00 – 18:00
Laboratory organized by BVS Brewery
Alla scoperta del luppolo toscano
The workshop will allow visitors to try a technical-sensorial analysis of hop flowers to discover the scents kept inside of them.
Reservation is required on Eventbrite here



From 11:00 to 21:00
Dj set by Bosconi Records

The makers’ ateliers will remain open to the public, together with the corners of Camo, Pijama, Elisa Vannini jewels, Progetto Undici and Toast Project Space.


Free Skateboard by Switch lessons on the half-pipe in the Giardino della Ciminiera 
Reservations are required at 055 250 9023 or

Skateboard Workshop by Switch
Skateboard Workshop by Switch
A workshop on the different types of skateboards and their use; the difference between the various components, the construction of the skateboards, how to assemble a skate, the maintenance and precautions to have in use.
Reservation is required on Eventbrite here