The first edition of SUPERBLAST ended with the homonymous publication published by NERO Editions.







Born from the international call of the same name, inspired by the rethinking of the relationship between man and environment, individual and community, nature and culture, the book SUPERBLAST is the editorial result of an experimental process, which sees the commission of critical thought and artistic work within of a single project.
In fact, each artist was accompanied by an author who developed a text starting from a particular element of the work.

Abandoning the form of the traditional exhibition catalog, the book is the result of the dialogue and lively exchange between the authors Bianca Felicori, Xenia Chiaramonte, Tommaso Guariento, Riccardo Papacci, Antonio Perazzi and Domenico Quaranta and the artists Edoardo Aruta, Antonio Bermúdez Obregón, Federica Di Pietrantonio, IPER-collective, Oliviero Fiorenzi and Violette Maillard.

The publication, which combines research material, photographic documentation, narration and theoretical exploration, reflects the elusiveness of the topic investigated by SUPERBLAST, returning a fluid snapshot of the state of the current situation through the thought of intellectuals, critics and artists.


The book is available at the Nero online shop and at the Todo Modo bookshop in Manifattura Tabacchi. 


SUPERBLAST I is the first edition of the residency project promoted by NAM – Not A Museum for the free artistic experimentation and the production of interdisciplinary languages ​​within the spaces of Manifattura Tabacchi.
Launched in 2021, SUPERBLAST has defined itself as an expanding project, which has laid the foundations for further development, activating a network that combines contemporary art, scientific disciplines and speculative thinking.

From the exhibition spread in the spaces of Manifattura Tabacchi to the website to get to the publication. With the presentation of the book, published by NERO, the first cycle of SUPERBLAST closes and preparations are made for the launch of the second edition.