Secular Mosaics

Course in mosaics for families

Sunday 9 February

9:30 – 13:30

curated by KOKO Mosaico

An opportunity to share a special moment with the family, learning the secret techniques of the ancient trade of the mosaicist. The course in Mosaics consists of: an explanation of the work of the mosaicist, a demonstration of how to cut marble using a hammer and chisel to make tiles, preparing the cement, making the lattice mould and then creating a mosaic that can then be taken home at the end of the course. After a brief introduction to mosaics and how to cut the tiles with the tools of the time – hammer and chisel – the participants will be actively involved in every stage of the creation of their work: from the laying of the cement mortar to the completion of the mosaic. The works will be made using precious materials that were also used in ancient times, such as marble, Venetian enamels and golden tiles.

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  • Sunday 9 February from 9:30 to 13:30
  • Cost: 180€


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