Nicolás Jaar presents his book 'Isole'

in collaboration with Todo Modo and Timeo Edizioni


with Nicolás Jaar, Matteo Moca and Maddalena Fossombroni


On Friday, March 15th, at 6.30 pm | B4, Space 225







Below the ocean lies another ocean, dormant, and the islands recounted by Nicolas Jaar are the dreams that emerge from its buried depths, told with a musical language that is simultaneously profoundly visual.

Images crystallized in the impossible time of fables, revelations, hallucinations, myth; worlds where nothing is ever what it seems and everything unravels in an underground plot resonating with meaning like a dream one struggles to remember: wells murmur in the language of God, ecstasy nestles among the planks of a wooden floor, skin becomes the parchment to entrust one’s messages, and from the amplifiers – the most precious weapon against the atrocities of oppressors – echo simulated shots and songs of resistance.

Successful musician and producer making his literary debut, Nicolás Jaar crafts a shifting mosaic where images flow and recur like loops, overlay like samples, reverberate like echoes in a minimal and prismatic plot whose fragments fade and resurface transfigured. Thus, fairy tale gives way to revelation; historical account to poetry; prayer to theater piece.

To explore these islands is to delve into an abyss of symbols that seem inexhaustible, elusive fragments of meaning that leave a profound mark in our memory, like the reflections of Recimo’s magic mirrors, whose tranquil distortions infect minds with a mysterious calm resembling a spell, or a curse.