from 10pm

Florence Folks Festival closes on Saturday 27 July with concerts from L’Orchestrina di Molto Agevole and La Nuova Pippolese, followed by the DJ set from Ghiaccioli e Branzini.




L’Orchestrina di Molto Agevole


An old-fashioned ensemble playing light dance music composed by classical musicians but also underground rock (Afterhours, Calibro35, Mariposa, Hobocombo, Baustelle), which re-creates the spirit of the golden age of dance halls.

La Nuova Pippolese


Taking its name from the ‘pippolo’, the Florentine term for a plectrum, La Nuova Pippolese, from La Scena Muta, recalls the mandolin orchestras that were widespread in the first half of the last century in Florence, in order to rediscover music’s role in aggregation. At Florence Folks Festival, in addition to original pieces, they will bring some of the most famous songs of Florentine tradition to the stage, such as Il Grillo e la Formica, La biritullera, Mattinata Fiorentina e La porti un bacione a Firenze.

Ghiaccioli e Branzini

dj set

Ghiaccioli e Branzini is a project from Marco Dalmasso which combines electronica with light dance music, using the past and the present to tell stories of the Italy of yesterday and today.