curated by Stefano Giuri and Gabriele Tosi


from 22nd September to  7th November 2022
Opening | Thursday 22nd September 2022 at 6.30pm 



Prey opens its mouth and stares at the fragility of smiles. Cristiani acts between intimacy and community; uses body and structures to evoke the power of ancient fears – in the exercise of individual and collective choices. The project operates on different scenarios using sculptural objects derived from the world of dentistry. Inside Toast’s stripped architecture, deprived of the protection from the outside world, a community of the weak is reinforced and flourishes. In the meanwhile two people – that could be representing the zero degree of a new society – bite crazy ancient prosthetics, facing the beastiality of being human in the utopic search of a desirable reality. 

The documentation of the process and its behavior is published by Aosta Publishing.