Reclaimed Grains

Baking with sourdough yeast and ancient grains


Tuesday 28 January


7pm – 11:00pm

Working with chef Giacomo Faberi, the participants will be able to try their hand at baking using ancient grain flour and sourdough yeast. Ancient grain flour and sourdough yeast have low glycaemic indexes and are more suitable for digestion. The bread is more compact than the white bread that we are used to eating, it keeps longer and is much healthier.

Each different grain has its own particular smell and taste, and knowledge of them will allow the participants to understand the different types of bread and possible combinations with other foods. Whilst waiting for the bread to be ready for the oven, the participants will consume a frugal meal together. At the end of the experience each participant will be able to take their bread home with them, ready to eat after the 24 hours of rest that this type of bread requires.

Curated by Bulli & Balene



  • Tuesday 28 January from 7pm to 11:00pm
  • Cost: 50€ including the dinner cooked during the cooking class
curated by

Bulli & Balene


Bulli & Balene runs the bistro inside B9, which is open all day, until midnight. You will be able to sample excellent spritzes and selected wines, as well as recipes including cicchetti and tramezzini, the result of an in-depth study into the deep knowledge contained in Venetian techniques.

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