Friday 21 February


h 4pm


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portafortuna exhibition

many possible cities programme

Economic sustainability perspectives within the independent universe

This talk is set up to create an exchange of ideas between different independent entities, reflecting on the current needs and economic possibilities for the independent spaces and emerging artists operating within the field of contemporary art, in order to define the concept of sustainability from different points of view. The speakers have been chosen in order to reflect this diversity, both in terms of their geographic origin, and in the identity and motivations that drive each different project.

Anna Dormio (Kunstschau, Lecce)
Francesca Finotti (Brace Brace, Milan)
Paolo Mele (Ramdom, Gagliano del Capo)
Rebecca Moccia (FEA, Lisboa)
Matteo Mottin (Treti Galaxie, Turin)
Incurva (Favignana, Sicily)
Michele Bertolino (Il Coloricifio, Milan)
Stefano Giuri (TOAST Project Space, Florence)
Modera:  Gabriele Tosi

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