TMMT | Mimmo Cangiano presents his book Guerre Culturali e Neoliberismo

Thursday, May 30th at 6.30 p.m
Free admission until full
Spazio 225 | B4

As part of Giovedì in Manifattura, a new event in the TMMT series, the book review series by Todo Modo and Manifattura Tabacchi, returns.

Mimmo Cangiano will present his latest book Guerre Culturali e Neoliberismo, published by Nottetempo, in conversation with La compagnia Sotterraneo.

Mimmo Cangiano takes us through the historical reconstruction of these movements and highlights the ideological layers, symbolic frameworks, and pragmatic contradictions intertwined in progressive “cultural wars.” These movements, often unable to disentangle themselves from the constraints of the neoliberal system, frequently risk ambiguous outcomes, individualistic drifts, or functional manipulations. According to the author, the only way out of this trap is for these struggles to recognize and confront the material sphere in which they originate and operate: the capitalist economic structure that, through its modes of production, labor, and consumption, generates oppression starting from increasingly subtle forms of exploitation.