Florence Folks Festival 2019

Florence Folks Festival


24-27 july

from 7pm

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Florence Folks Festival is a popular urban festival which looks at how we can bring together ideas of tradition and contemporaneity, the local and the international, and different generations around a common purpose, through music, food and good times. Now in its fourth edition, the festival returns to Manifattura Tabacchi from 24 to 27 July. Four days full of concerts, books, food, talks, a handmade goods market and a baby area, all with a local, traditional and authentic feel.


from 10pm

Running alongside and for the full duration of the festival is the fourth Sagra della Violetta, a community food festival celebrating the star ingredient, the Florentine aubergine, and taking place at Ristorante TimeOut Firenze (just in front of Manifattura Tabacchi).


FFF — Florence Folks Festival — 4 days of events that offer the very best in food and wine, a handmade goods market, a baby area and 12 independent book sellers.

LIINDI – independent booksellers

Every evening 3 independent booksellers will present and recommend a book for the summer.

They will talk about their trade, history, the peculiarities of their bookshops and the cultural activities that take place in their area. A vision of a group of little cultural ecosystems.

Out of all of the books on their shelves, each bookseller will select one, and only one, to recommend. A book for the summer, a book to pack in your suitcase, selected with care and attention.

After the talks each evening, the three guest booksellers will be plying their trade and speaking with the public at a little bookshop on site.

This bookshop came from the collaboration and union of these independent booksellers for the presentation and sale of their recommended work of literature.

The talks will be presented by Lisa Innocenti, Event Manager at Impact Hub Florence.

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Wednesday 24 July – opening with Cecilia Del Re (creator of the Guide to Independent Bookshops during her term at the Department of Economic Development) and Federico Gianassi, the current councillor for Economic Development.

Libreria Florida
Libreria Cuccumeo

Giovedì 25 luglio

Todo Modo
On the Road – Libreria
Piccola Farmacia Letteraria Firenze

Venerdì 26 luglio

Farollo e Falpalà
Libreria Puntifermi Firenze
Marabuk Libreria

Sabato 27 luglio

Alzaia Libreria
Libreria Alfani
Libreria Leggermente

The series of talks will not only feature 12 of the 70 independent bookstores contained within its pages, but the event itself was actually inspired by the guide.

This guide of independent bookshops served as both a census and a means of promoting the sector for the councillor Cecilia Del Re during her term at the Department of Economic Development.
The Guide forms part of a wider project aimed at supporting the bookshops present in our city.

Creative factory

The Creative Factory, a project from Associazione Heyart, is a handmade goods market aimed at the promotion of creativity and the growth of young businesses.

Self-production, uniqueness and research characterise the products on display at the Creative Factory, made with attention to the smallest of details, in limited numbers, with care in the selection of materials, and experimentation in style that achieves uniqueness through the rediscovery of craftsmanship and the mix of forms and techniques.

On the fourth Florence Folks Festival edition:

Fabio Corsini Gioielli
Maida Caldana Gioielli
Alè Ceramic
Sunday Gang
Fabio Corsini Gioielli
Aya Design Lab & Yac’s pocket
Tiche Clothing
Boutique Nadine
Co.Ar:U (cool around you)
Natur Creaciones de autor



Two workshops every evening, at 7.30pm and 9.00pm.

In collaboration with the Scuola di Musica di Settignano.

Learn the notes through colours, try out musical instruments, but above all… play with music during the Florence Folks Festival!
Created for small children accompanying their parents at the festival, we will combine play with music: using the senses we will discover the world of sound through the use of colours and the perception of nature, we will try out musical instruments and we will invent noises, we will learn songs and we will play games that improve our sense of rhythm.
The Scuola di Musica di Settignano this year celebrates its 15th anniversary and owes its existence to the passion for music and learning of teachers Claudio Teobaldelli and Stefano Corsi, in collaboration with the Casa del Popolo of Settignano.

The aim of the school is to bring in all those who want to play music, in a journey of a thousand surprises, where the teaching of the instrument is a reason to play it for the pupil, pure fun and a moment of expressive creativity.
Highlighting the individual qualities of the pupil as they face the challenges that music throws at them, accompanying them through the constant questioning of that attitudes and intuitions.

The school has seen participation increase year after year in musical activities for all ages and levels and now teaches many different instruments.

The Festival is organised by the La Scena Muta association. It is supported by Estate Fiorentina 2019 from the Comune di Firenze and is brought to you in collaboration with Manifattura Tabacchi.



Main sponsors: Ruffino e Sammontana.


Partners: Associazione Heyart, Scuola di Musica di Settignano, Family Nation, Guida delle librerie indipendenti, Impact Hub Florence, BUH Circolo culturale urbano, Bistrot di Bulli & Balene.