The B9 Makers

The Art of Making

The Makers at B9 are artists, artisans and restorers, people who have turned their passion into their work, and who have chosen Manifattura Tabacchi as the place to further their activities.

Their daily work in the spaces of B9 contributes to the regeneration of the industrial complex, enriching it with life and creativity.

In relation to the concept of the ‘square’, which inspired the ideas behind the project for the new Manifattura Tabacchi, the spaces dedicated to the contemporary makers represent workshops that once thrived in squares in the city centre, making them hubs that would attract people in, allowing them to meet and exchange ideas.

The Makers at B9 value the art of making and building upon tradition, combining it with design, art, headwear, tailoring, ceramics and restoration, but also with food and conviviality.

The new artisans hosted within the B9 building are: Baba Ceramics, Canificio, Duccio Maria Gambi, Mani del Sud, Superduper Hats, Mono, Bulli&Balene, Soul Kitchen and Birrificio Valdarno Superiore.

The presence of the Makers has created a fervent atmosphere, linked to ‘making’ and creating extraordinary and unique objects, produced with the intention that they are used and appreciated in everyday life, whilst still having great value in terms of quality and originality.

A perfect frame for the regeneration and evolution of the spaces at Manifattura Tabacchi where the presence of creativity in its most concrete form has been created, without neglecting the art of catering and its essential presence.

B9 is a place where the makers live, work, conceive ideas, and create, in a constant relationship between them and with those who pass through and experience the spaces of the ex-industrial complex. It is possible to visit the ateliers and the workshops, where you can see the production process close up, buy or request products, or even just speak with the artisans about their work.

The Bulli & Balene bistro is open from 10am, any time of the day is a good time to taste one of their Venetian ‘cicchetti’ or have something more substantial for lunch or dinner.
Next door is the brewery Birrificio Valdarno Superiore, serving its exceptional craft beers from 6pm onwards.

The Soul Kitchen cocktail bar and gourmet pizzeria are open from 6pm and face the Cortile della Ciminiera, the site which hosts the stage for summer events at B9.