Workshop with Giuseppe Gabellone and Diego Perrone

Rivista Grasso


On Sunday 11 November Manifattura welcomed Giuseppe Gabellone and Diego Perrone for the fourth workshop.

Gabellone and Perrone met the six artists in residence with precise instructions for their project. Since 2016, the two artists have been carrying out a four-handed project: the Rivista Grasso, a 12-issue publishing project. In each issue, the entire contents are printed onto a single page of two by three metres: six square metres of images, ideas and stories selected by the two artists, in an unusual and uncomfortable format that requires the reader to show commitment and effort in order to enjoy it. Alongside the review is a website that presents itself as a flow of hypertextual exchanges between the two artists regarding the creation and dissemination of the issues.

The young artists in residence where asked to create video clips to promote the review, in artistic rather than commercial terms, for the Instagram account @rivistagrasso. The workshop produced brief video clips to this effect.