Saper Fare, the complete programme for workshop at B9

Saper Fare

Workshops at Manifattura Tabacchi

The community of makers at B9 are opening up the art of making to the city with appointments at their ateliers, where they will share their knowledge, have fun, and broaden the horizons for all who participate.


From 4 November and throughout the whole of the winter season, Manifattura Tabacchi presents workshops that have been created by the makers and innovators that inhabit its spaces: featuring courses in fashion, design, brewing, cooking, and environmental sustainability, designed for adults and children alike.

Nodi da Scegliere

Tailoring workshop

Recounting the history of this iconic menswear accessory, the bow-tie, the workshop from Raffaele Stella Brienza introduces the participants to the different phases involved in constructing a brand and to the world of tailoring. From little details to the finished outfit, the workshop shines a light on the professional processes involved in creating the highest quality clothes and accessories.

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SuperDuper Printers Club

Silk-screen printing workshop

The workshop from SuperDuper Hats looks into the relationship between art, graphics and fashion, with the participants taking part in a live silk-screen printing session with artist Paolo Proserpio. After the demonstration, the participants will be able to choose designs which will then be made into special patches that can be transferred onto hats, T-shirts or tote bags, which can then be taken home.

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Hat re-styling workshop

In opposition to over-production in the fashion industry, the Third-Hand workshop looks to ‘make do and mend’, taking old hats that have been damaged over time and giving them a new lease of life through the restorative expertise of Matteo Gioli and Veronica Cornacchini from SuperDuper Hats. The re-styling will be done for felt and straw hats, as well as flat caps and berets.

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The earth between hands

Pottery lessons

The workshop from Barbara Arcieri from Baba Ceramics introduces participants to the world of ceramics, the functions of a professional workshop and the phases of production involved in creating pottery: following each step as the clay is prepared, worked, and then baked. From lesson to lesson the participants will learn more about this material and all of the different stages in its production, they will improve on their techniques for working and modelling the clay by hand, shaping and lathe turning, and how to decorate their creations during the drying phase. Afterwards, the participants will be introduced to the many different techniques of glazing and decoration with glazes.

The workshop runs every Sunday (17:00 – 19:00), on Mondays (13:30 – 15:30 or 19:00 – 21:00) and Tuesdays (16:00 – 18:00 or 19:00 – 21:00).

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Walking Dead Furniture

Restoration workshop

From a lifeless shell to a new life: there’s no need to buy new furniture in large Swedish warehouses when we can make something beautiful out of your grandmother’s old cupboard! The participants at the workshop from Sasha Ribera of mòno will work alongside the artisan throughout all of the different phases of restoration, breathing new life into pieces especially selected by mòno. Attendees will learn the basics of paint stripping, gluing, painting, coating, and how to make substitutes for missing parts.

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Upholstery workshop

Two weekends of workshops from mòno and Canificio to learn the basics of upholstery, bringing new life to old chairs, either brought from home or selected by the Makers. The participants will assist expert upholsterer Silvio Sammarco throughout the various phases: from removing the old fabric, choosing the new, and then stitching up the seams.

Instant Furniture

Self-production workshop

The workshop from mòno and Canificio starts with a theoretical introduction, placing self-production within the context of the history of design. There will be an overview of the projects, great designers and the schools who have been involved in developing this “open” and “sustainable” path, far from the world of the mass-produced: from Enzo Mari to Gerrit Rietveld, from Carlo Scarpa to Ira Saltz. It will then move onto the practical session and the creation of a home furnishing accessory in wood, from the design to the finishing touches, which the participants can then take home with them.

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Talk on tap

Beer tasting session


Birrificio Valdarno Superiore will be running weekly tasting sessions where you’ll not only get to try great beers but you’ll also discover the culture of brewing, together with the brewery’s own master brewer, Antonio Massa.

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Malts and matches

Beer tasting session with gastronomic accompaniments

Tasting sessions care of Antonio Massa from Birrificio Valdarno Superiore, with local small-scale producers of Tuscan gastronomic specialities.

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Che cavolo cucino?


Seasonal produce cookery class

The course starts with traditional recipes before moving onto ideas for new dishes using seasonal vegetables, with some taken from the kitchen garden at Manifattura Tabacchi. The participants will work alongside chef Claudio Buglioni from Bulli & Balene to create a complete menu

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Truffle night

Recipes with the White Truffle of San Miniato

A cookery course where you will learn how to combine the most expensive fragrance in the world, the white truffle of San Miniato, with other local ingredients. The participants will create a complete menu under the guidance of chef Claudio Buglioni from Bulli & Balene, with this prestigious ingredient as the star of the show.

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Giri che ti nigiri

Traditional Japanese cookery class

A Japanese cookery course which gives an innovative twist to some of the most celebrated dishes from the land of the rising sun; sushi, sashimi and ramen. The participants, alongside chef Claudio Buglioni from Bulli & Balene, will create a complete menu that reinterprets Japanese tradition with added elements from Italian cuisine.

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Le mani in pasta


Pasta and bread making course

Create a complete menu dedicated to the king and queen of Italian cuisine: bread and pasta. The participants will be guided by chef Claudio Buglioni from Bulli & Balene, who will present different methods of making bread and fresh pasta. Pasta and bread making course

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Ciccio Pasticcio

Christmas pastry-making class for families

Parents and children, together with chef Claudio Buglioni from Bulli & Balene, will learn how to make typical Christmas treats, which they can then take home and gobble down during the festive period.

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Lezioni di PNATura

What do the plants do when we’re not watching them?

Workshop for children

Workshops from PNAT, in collaboration with LINV, which are aimed at increasing children’s ability to relate to nature, recognising it and understanding it through the lenses of science, art and architecture. The little participants will learn all about how to identify the plants that surround them, about their characteristics and peculiarities.

The workshops are free on reservation, for all details:

4 + 4 = Orto

The four natural elements and the plants of the vegetable garden

Workshops for children

Exploring the connection between the 4 natural elements and the life of plants in order to give children a direct experience of nature, to understand it and respect it. Working in little groups, they will discover interesting aspects that often go unnoticed, and how giving them a little more attention can reveal the wonders of the universe.

The workshops are free on reservation, for all details: