Hiroko Bentō e Vini Fatti a Modo

Hiroko Bentō e Vini Fatti a Modo

Todo Modo brings you to Manifattura HIROKO, named after its Japanese chef: the first bento bar in Florence, featuring a Japanese kitchen and a shop offering Japanese cards and books, along with a selection of natural wines.

Info & Reservations

+34 856 145504 or bento@todomodo.org

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday | 11.00 am – 3.00 pm

also open in the evenings on Thursday,

Friday and Saturday from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm


At Hiroko Bentō e Vini Fatti a Modo, you can find delicious takeout dishes designed and prepared by Chef Hiroko Kawamoto.

These boxes have a varied and balanced composition, where the care in preparation and respect for the ingredients carry forward the original concept of bentō (弁当). According to this concept, a meal prepared in the morning and consumed during a work or school break is, above all, a carrier of homey affection, a small ritual, a story.

From the vegetarian version to the one for meat enthusiasts, to the Onigiri Bentō, dedicated to one of the most famous specialties in Japanese cuisine.