Duccio Maria Gambi

Duccio Maria Gambi

Atelier of the Florentine artist and designer who designs and creates furniture and sculptures.

Duccio Maria Gambi’s Atelier Spazio Territorio can be visited by appointment by writing to: territorio@ducciomariagambi.com

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Atelier Duccio Maria Gambi is an experimental design workshop working on the edge between design and art. Its work constantly put this two languages in contact with an endless hybridization between the emotional and the functional sides.

Atelier Duccio Maria Gambi’s work span between different clients and domains, from fashion to design brands, from the private commission to the ones for design galleries. The work of the Atelier have been exhibited worldwide and widely published on national and international magazines.
Manifattura Tabacchi hosts the studio, where all the projects are developed and Territorio, the exhibition space and showroom where the Studio archives and new collections are presented, alongside with exhibition of invited artists.