Many Possible Cities


Many Possible Cities is a festival from Manifattura Tabacchi on the theme of urban
regeneration which looks at how new polyfunctional spaces and fluid communities can contribute to the creation of cultural, economic and social capital.

In this summer edition, talks and workshops will be accompanied by the universal language of music, bringing these possible cities, pioneers of a plural future, into the present whilst offering opportunities for local people who are open to contemporary developments and able to speak to the wider world.

Many Possible Cities is a meeting point for discussions around the future of our cities: chaotic, breathless, distracted, connected to the web and disconnected from emotions.

Manifattura Tabacchi is the ideal place to think about new ways of acting and the city.

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Opening the festival are Three Faces, FabLab, Filoferro and Dance Floor Kids, with projects that aim to make the city more open and vital.

Three Faces showcased the three years of activity involved in their free StreetBook Magazine. A page from the magazine called Totem (one of the main cultural symbols of Native Americans) is set aside for various artists to interpret the concept of “Third Face of the Medal”. Three Faces wanted to exhibit the Totem pages as a representation of its essence.

Marcho, Dubhe, AD Animelle, Elise Brique, Daria Derhakashan, Brucio, Davide Bart Salvemini, Daniele Mariti, Blady, Luchadora, Federico Bria, Nick Gambassi and HAZE have drawn on their talents to make content for the exhibition. Their works of art create a new perspective from which to view and analyse contemporary reality.

FabLab Toscana – Contea presented the PortaLab project: a workshop on the manufacture of portable devices that can be used by associations that support disable people. The project aims to train staff to use the PortaLab, aiming to devise and implement ad-hoc solutions to the problems experienced by assisted people by involving them directly in the process.

Filoferro Architetti is a Florentine architectural studio which has given life to the Scarto project, a magazine made using resographic print at Concretipo

During the festival the second edition of Scarto was presented, with the participation of the writers and contributors such as abp architetti, AFSa, ECÒL, fernweh architettura, OKS ARCHITETTI, OPPS architettura, StudioTotale.

The meeting was opened by q-bic, the studio that was responsible for the outfitting of the spaces at B9, and it turned out to be the perfect occasion for lively and active discussions. Amongst the contents of Scarto No.2 is even an open letter from Adolfo Natalini in response the demands posted by young architectural studios which collaborated to the creation of the magazine.

DanceFloor Kids organised a workshop for parents and children using play, movement and contact. The aim of the event was to create a space for shared experimentation and to discover a dialogue using body language: moments of play and creativity which spark the imagination, a unique way of meeting and bonding.

Agnese Lanza and Martina Francone, both dancers and actors, dance teachers and mothers, were able to involve and engage everyone that attended, especially the kids.

Music on the first evening of the festival came from Futurissima and Murubutu, the talks and live shows rendering it as a means of communication, expression and integration.

The first day of Many Possible Cities featured the talk Futurissima Spotlight, moderated by Kiave broadcast live on the Manifattura Tabacchi Facebook page. The artists present spoke about their origins and their experiences, the same experiences that they would then bring to life live on the stage at B9: mixing their best known tracks with improvised jam sessions. The featured artists were AVEX, Ekowave, Jathson, Babatunde, Il Male e Apple B.

Futurissima is an independent record label which promotes artists who have their roots in Italy and part of the world music scene, second-generational talents who create music and words to break down barriers between genres, sub-cultures, age and audiences.

Murubutu lit up the stage at B9, starting at 9.30pm. An Italian rapper and singer-songwriter, Murubutu is the founder and voice of the La Kattiveria collective. His USP is found in the way he combines rap with literature, history and philosophy, creating verses that tell complex and metaphysical tales, rich in culture and counter-culture.

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Closing the evening was the after show and DJ set Support Your Local from Progeas Family bringing local DJ talents Teo Naddi, Hertz Collision, Sight e Galattica to the stage.


On the second day of the festival the Edera corner was installed, a space dedicated to youth and culture.

Edera Edera is a non-profit cultural association based on a passion that a group of eight twenty-year-olds have for youth journalism. Edera is also a magazine which is written, designed and edited by university students and circulated in and around Florence. The association installed the Edera corner for the Many Possible Cities festival, featuring talks, magazine, interviews, and a ‘living roomfor these to take place in the spaces at B9.

“Edera – Culture grows everywhere”

Many Possible Cities closed on the notes of the twin stage of Fiore sul Vulcano and the live of BowLand.

The evening of 7 July took place over twin stages, curated by Fiore sul Vulcano. The stages at B9 saw performances from FRIGO, LOREN, Lupineri, Tonno, Tutte Le Cose Inutili e Addio Proust.

Fiore sul Vulcano is a collective of Florentine artists which produces music and organises events. It was set up in 2015 through the meeting of various emerging groups and artists all sharing a passion for song-writing. Right from the off there emerged a strong artistic identity and a ‘non-utilitarian vision’, which placed everyone on the same level. The association takes charge of the artistic planning of local and city-wide events, involving local talent from around Italy making quality, original and independent music.

The festival was closed in style with the live concert by Bowland.

Their psychadelic rhythms, unconventional visuals and the atmosphere of B9 provided the perfect end to the summer edition of the festival.

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