Meeting with Domenico Bianchi

Meeting with Domenico Bianchi

Two days of conversation, discussion and critical analysis

The Art Residencies at Manifattura Tabacchi feature a busy schedule of workshops, meetings and visits. In this context, the meetings with visiting artists and curators represent opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas, and form a key part of the overall experience.

Domenico Bianchi took part in the first of these meetings, which sometimes take the form of conversation and other times take the form of debate, and he will be followed by Alberto Garutti and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio. During the course of the two days they spent together, having the perspective of an expert coming in from the outside was fundamental in the development of their artistic production.

“With the projects that they were working on”, says Domenico Bianchi, “I didn’t really give them suggestions but rather I tried to stimulate a response with respect to what I saw, and I tried to bring out criticism and praise based on their work”.

Free from the pressures of creating a new piece, the artists in residence were able to concentrate on their own works, whilst taking on board different points of view. The workshop was also an opportunity to hear tales from the life of an international artist, as the younger artists had done through interaction and conversation with Mario and Marisa Merz.