Mercoledì da lettori [15 April]

15 April 2020

mercoledì da lettori

Column by Todo Modo – Libri e-lettrici for Manifattura Tabacchi [Home Edition]


Accompanied by specially selected beers from Birrificio Valdarno Superiore



by Otessa Moshfegh


In this case, the decision to stay at home, sleep as much as possible, and to go into a timeless hibernation, has nothing to do with worldwide events. It is an intimate and personal choice. A story of mistaken doctors, sofas, infermiterol, inappropriate friends and bad third-rate films. As if a hungover Sunday afternoon in winter were to last an entire year.



by Friedrich Glauser

Sellerio editore

From the pen of the classical Swedish writer from the early part of the last century, a series of individual crime stories which follow the brilliant and mild-mannered Sergeant Studer, and his almost Dostoyevsky-esque take on the crimes that he witnesses. Simenon was a passionate fan of his work and considered him a great teacher, not least in the richly detailed plots which often require re-reading to spot all the clues, but also in the depth of the characters that populate them.


by Shaun Tan


A wordless graphic novel and a masterpiece of intelligence and research, following the dreamlike voyage of its protagonist, drawing on images from great age of emigration to the United States, the engravings of Dorè, and Ladri di Biciclette (Bicycle Thieves) by Vittoria De Sica.



by Daniel Mason

Neri Pozza

This beautiful novel tells a story which needs to be told, with all the elements that make a book a compelling read. Central Europe, the First World War. A shy, studious, and stuttering young man becomes a doctor in a small Hungarian town to escape the fighting. Then there is the love interest, mystery, the setting, the snow, the story. In short, everything we want from a novel.

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books & beers

Master brewer Antonio Massa from Birrificio Valdarno Superiore selects beers to enjoy whilst reading the books recommended by Todo Modo

For infos and bookings.



BOOK: Il mio anno di riposo e oblio 

PAIRED BVS BEER: The beer that I would drink reading this book would definitely be an OLD ALE, which is an aged beer from the Anglo-Saxon tradition, to discover the evolution of malts over time, with the lightening of the hoppy notes, and understand where the taste is going, but without commitment or pretensions. The private reserve Pale Ale of BVS Brewery could be just the right beer for this book.


BOOK: Altre indagini per il sergente Studer 

PAIRED BVS BEER: A real page-turner should be accompanied by something light and spring-like, something in the style of a Kolsch at 4%. A refreshing light blonde beer is the perfect accompaniment to these short detective novels. Malafrasca at 4.2% has hints of lavender and is drunk in large glasses.


BOOK: L’approdo

PAIRED BVS BEER: With this graphic novel I immediately started thinking about how journeys within the mind interpret images, and so why not also tastes? In this case, I would suggest a beer that you need to savour over such as an IGA, Italian Graps Ale. BVS XL beer aged in wine barrels.


BOOK: Soldato d’inverno

PAIRED BVS BEER: Love, war, relationships, landscapes, fear, the will to live, you can see them all in a slightly more alcoholic but very drinkable red beer, warming and nourishing, replenishing your strength.  This could be a Strong Ale or a beer from the abbey in my area like the Pratomagno Rossa at 6.5%, made from a single type of hop and Lemon Balm and Thyme from Pratomagno.