Centro Sport Combattimento

Centro Sport Combattimento

Manifattura Tabacchi SOCIAL DISTRICT


new meeting place for the residents and business that make up the micro-entrepreneurial fabric around Manifattura Tabacchi, where they can get to know each other and begin a new form of socialising.

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CSC Firenze is a gymnasium for combat sports and martial arts, catering for adults and children, amateurs and professionals.

As a member of the Manifattura Tabacchi Social District, Centro Sport Combattimento present its activities.

Centro Sport Combattimento

Centro Sport Combattimento was set up in 2008 and ever since it has been full of athletes all sharing a common interest in improving themselves, using sport as a form of discipline, education, development, and fun.

Every day during the courses, professional boxers train alongside amateurs and new arrivals, in a spirit of support and friendship. It’s not all boxing though, we also do Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and courses in Functional Training. 

The gymnasium has a surface area of 500m2, of which 100m2 are used for changing rooms (for men, women, and instructors). The structure offers two large spaces dedicated to physical activity, equipped with tatami mats, there is also a regulation boxing ring, as well as numerous swinging bags and punching balls.

For weights training there is an area equipped with kettlebells at various weights, a bench with barbells, and everything necessary for functional training.

For 8 years we have been part of a project with Florence Council’s Youth Welfare Office, which welcomes in young people in the care of Social Services to use the gym free of charge.

ASD Centro Sport Combattimento

Via Giovan Battista Pergolesi, 11
50144 Firenze

telephone:  055 355988
055 5320135

mail: asd.centrosportcombattimento@gmail.com