Mercoledì da lettori [25 March]

25 March 2020

mercoledì da lettori




A book inspired by the desire to keep the past alive by evoking forgotten things and by giving words to voices fallen silent. It mourns and longs for all the things we were never able to accomplish. Nothing can be brought back to life through writing, but everything can be experienced, retold, relived. The story is the quest that begins with remnants of memories from physical and mental spaces that have been all but forgotten. Twelve short stories comprise the Inventory; from a search for the long lost island of Tuanaki, to the fragments of Sappho’s poetry, to the tiger of the Caspio. Binding form and substance, this book is an anthology of curious facts. Judith Schalansky has curated each aspect of this edition, from her fine writing to the volume’s striking graphics.



Agatha Christie, one of the most famous twentieth-century authors of the mystery novel, reconstructs the truth behind stories of murders and other crimes by scattering a fragmented trail of clues for the reader to collect and assemble. She is an author who ‘satisfies our love for the seemingly unimportant details in which we find to be loaded with meaning; the sincere yet infantile belief that the universe is filled with meaningful fragments, that a trained eye can reconstruct the facts from the most subtle clues’. If possible, Christie’s novels should be read in English, because of her clear and direct use of language, level syntax, and gripping plots.


by Davide Tidoni

Ed. SARU and viaindustriae SUONO
white vinyl, 30×30 cm
18.90 €

A book which is actually a vinyl record, but is also a book, because when played, it tells stories. These stories are the cheers of Brescia’s ‘ultra’ football fans. The author has mixed the stadium cheers with an astute knowledge of classic motifs from which their melodies derive (Aida, Montagne verdi, Coca-Cola, Robin Hood, etc) resulting in a unique and exceptional work.



The unbelievable world of football records covers

by Pascal Claude


A story told in pictures using the images from covers of albums dedicated to the world of football. Football Disco contains timeless images not to be missed.

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