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NAM – Not A Museum at the Milan Design Week

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Inside Manifattura Tabacchi, one of Italy’s biggest regeneration projects

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Domus 9/12/2020

Manifattura Tabacchi, the citadel of the new

“In Florence, there is a vision to revive the Manifattura Tabacchi (“Tobacco Factory”), closed since 2001. In the Renaissance city, this site embodies Tuscany’s many productive energies in fashion, art and design.”

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Manifattura Tabacchi, an exemplary model of urban renewal.

“Firenze’s ex-Manifattura Tabacchi is an exemplary model of urban renewal. The space is maintained in close partnership with the international company Aermont Capital, which is directly involved in the building complex’s urban transformation. The new MT now boasts a multitude of functions: food court, coworking areas, artist workshops and ateliers, hotel services, offices, and residences. Among the businesses and organisations which have already taken advantage of Manifattura Tabacchi’s spaces is the international school of fashion Polimoda, which holds courses in some of the newly renovated halls.”

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Corriere Fiorentino 18/09/2020

Giombini: «Firenze’s future flows through Manifattura Tabacchi»

When interviewed by Corriere della Sera, Michelangelo Giombini, Head of Product Development at MTDM, revealed the secrets of the neighborhood that has become the source of Firenze’s true creative energy: ‘Firenze’s future flows through Manifattura Tabacchi’.

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AD 18/09/2020

NAM: Firenze’s ‘non-museum’

ADItalia describes Manifattura Tabacchi’s contemporary art programme, NAM – Not A Museum, as Firenze’s ‘non-museum’ with a hybrid soul: ‘Today, the cradle of the Renaissance is ready to write a new chapter, the protagonists of which are contemporary innovation and experimentation’.

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Firenze Made in Tuscany 18/09/2020

Discovering Manifattura Tabacchi

‘North of Firenze’s historic centre, near the Cascine park, Manifattura Tabacchi’s impressive, trapezoidal building complex is the symbol of a new chapter in Firenze’s history in which modernity and contemporaneity go hand in hand and the city can finally distance itself from the Renaissance idea of beauty (to which Firenze has an indissoluble connection) in order to become a part of an unparalleled global network.’

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Exibart 14/09/2020

Manifattura Tabacchi is not a museum

‘Not a Museum (NAM) comes alive thanks to Manifattura, in an atmosphere that will be a fertile ground with a hybrid identity that brings together art, nature, architecture, and science for years to come.’

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Domus 9/09/2020

Aria Days in Firenze: “aerosolar” sculptures by Tomás Saraceno

‘The Aerocene Foundation recounts the story of air mobility at Aria Days. The event takes place from 11-13 September at Manifattura Tabacchi, in partnership with the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi.’

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Domus 29/06/2020

Manifattura Tabacchi reopens in Florence, with a new space and new projects

“The new Manifattura Tabacchi, is a project for the recovery of disused Florentine buildings that integrates the various uses in a functional mix of workshops and ateliers open to creative industries, traditional offices and for coworking, partnerships with educational institutions, catering, residences but also services, a new nursery school, outdoor markets.”

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Tu Style 16/06/2020

Firenze, the Tuscan capital has a new centre of gravity

“Ateliers, a showroom, exhibitions, a bistro, and even a recording studio, cartoon production and a fashion school: the Tuscan capital has a new centre of gravity, which revolves around the titanic redevelopment of this jewel of industrial archaeology.”

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Area 8/06/2020

La meraviglia

“Manifattura Tabacchi reopens to the public with the exhibition La meraviglia, on until 28 June in spaces that have been specifically regenerated to host initiatives based around contemporary art, and part of the vast array of cultural programmes being promoted there”

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ELLE DECOR 30/05/2020

La meraviglia is a must-see event for June in Italy

La meraviglia, the final exhibition for the Art Residencies Programme from Manifattura Tabacchi has been chosen by Elle Décor as a must-see event for June in Italy.

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IO ARCH 28/05/2020

La meraviglia in Manifattura Tabacchi

La meraviglia, the final exhibition for the Art Residencies Programme from @Manifattura Tabacchi features in IoArch: “Open 1-28 June the exhibition shows the works of the artists who participated in the second edition of the Artistic Residencies and interacted with the history and unique spaces at Manifattura Tabacchi, working within their own specific ateliers and off-site, following an educational course with visits aimed at giving them the opportunity to develop a deep relationship with the region, which today is still somewhat influenced by the Renaissance in its art, businesses and craftmanship.”

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La Stampa 25/05/2020

Manifattura Tabacchi: Firenze’s new cultural hub

The architectural gem designed by the famous engineer of the 1900s Pier Luigi Nervi is transforming into Firenze’s new cultural hub: a place where art, design, and artisanal craft thrive. […] When this regenerative transformation is complete, this area of the city —just 1.5 km outside Firenze’s 13th century walls— will be revived by a host of activities. Student residencies, art and learning labs, ateliers, stores, offices and co-working spaces, apartments, a hotel, a brewery, restaurants and cafés, exhibition spaces.”

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La Repubblica 21/04/2020

Manifattura Tabacchi: one of today’s most visionary projects

La Repubblica considers Manifattura Tabacchi one of today’s most visionary projects, a cultural center fueled by the ideas and initiatives formulated by urban planners, architects, and designers: ‘The examples to follow — some already completed, others still in the works — are many. New things are happening in Italy, too: for example, the Quartiere Albere by Renzo Piano, in Trento, and the urban-renewal project in Florence at the site of the ex-Manifattura Tabacchi. Both projects respect the principles described earlier, old ex-industrial areas are being transformed into new urban neighborhoods through quality interventions.’

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ABITARE 2/05/2020

Firenze bella

Abitare says about Manifattura Tabacchi: ‘After decades of disuse, Florence’s largest urban renewal project is taking flight with the rebirth of the ex-Manifattura Tabacchi.’

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