Casa della Cornice

Casa della Cornice

Manifattura Tabacchi SOCIAL DISTRICT

new meeting place for the residents and business that make up the micro-entrepreneurial fabric around Manifattura Tabacchi, where they can get to know each other and begin a new form of socialising.

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Florentine artisan workshop producing handmade picture frames since 1969.

As a member of the Manifattura Tabacchi Social District, the owner of Casa delle Cornice speaks about how traditional know-how have combined with innovation and research to make the business what it is today.

Casa della Cornice

Our products come from constantly looking for new ways of working, and from the demands the market places on this tradition, a tradition which we are the custodians of. The skill of our artisans and the wealth of our experience makes all of our products unique pieces, experience that has been handed down within the business since 1969.
The choice of materials is fundamental, and they are worked with years of experience that our artisans have gained through doing. Products such as the Armenian Bolus, and working with gold and silver, require skilled hands and the rigorous respect for these processes that has been handed down by the Florentine school. All of our products are strictly Made in Florence.

Casa della Cornice

Via Pietro Toselli, 23 G/r,
50144 Firenze

telephone: 055 36 01 47