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Centro Zen Fisioterapia comes from the passion of its founder, Andrea Lascialfari, and from the shared conviction of its collaborators, who see this work both in terms of the privilege of being able to help people and in improving people’s health and quality of life.

I was born in Florence and like any good Florentine I love art, culture, and good food, but the values and passions that have always defined me are my love for animals and for my work.

The passion for rehabilitation is something which I have had since I was at high school, but it was after my grandfather’s illness that I decided to study to become a physiotherapist.

It was after a few experiences working at the Prosperius institute and in the world of sport that I opened my clinic in Via Paganini in 1997, which since then has provided services both to individuals and to sports clubs for football, rugby and volleyball, among others.

I have always been convinced that it is a privilege to do this work because day after day it helps me to understand a sense of life.


I can only say “thank you” to every patient that I have met for giving me a piece of their own life, a piece that is fragile and secret.

The Centro Fisioterapia, recently enlarged, boasts a Team of around forty collaborators whose work shares my philosophy and who propose effective solutions for swift motor and post-operative recovery in the clinic and at home. The continual professional development of the specialist personnel allows us to be always at the cutting edge of therapeutic technology for recovery from orthopaedic conditions.

In this building we are able to offer sports medical examinations (competitive or non-competitive) and take advantage of the advice of various professionals, to recover physical fitness and to improve the quality of life and sporting performances.

Centro Zen fisioterapia
via Niccolò Paganini, 28
50127 – Firenze

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