Giesse Carni

Giesse Carni

Manifattura Tabacchi SOCIAL DISTRICT

A new meeting place for the residents and business that make up the micro-entrepreneurial fabric around Manifattura Tabacchi, where they can get to know each other and begin a new form of socialising.

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Since 1960, the greengrocer and butchers Giesse Carni has been a fixture in the life of the Puccini neighbourhood.

Giesse Carni, a name which dates back to its opening in 1960, is known to all as ‘Giacomo and Cristina’, the names of the current husband-and-wife owners, and has been recognised as a ‘historic shop’ by the Florence City Council.

As a member of the Manifattura Tabacchi Social District, Giacomo and Cristina present their business, which offers sales and deliveries of high-quality produce, as well as ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals that follow traditional recipes.

by Cristina and Giacomo
Via Boito 2-4-6
50144 Firenze

telephone: 055 360 059