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A three-day live broadcast from Many Possible Cities festival curated by Radio Papesse

many possible cities

As we imagine the future(s) of our cities, let’s begin by listening to the voices of those who try to deconstruct and resignify them.

During Many Possible Cities Radio Papesse will be curating a three-day live broadcast from Manifattura Tabacchi, to start answering some of the most urgent questions that blossom along the way of urban regenerators and cultural practitioners seeking a balance between independence and sustainability.

Many Possible Cities’ talks will be aired on Manifattura Tabacchi website and on and its studio will be hosting numerous guests, artists, architects and cultural workers.

Live Broadcasting

Many Possible Cities




5:45pm Radio Papesse ON AIR
5:50pm Interview | Andreas Angelidakis

6:15pm MPC (Many Possible Cities) glossary | Urban regeneration

6:25pm Interview | Andrea Bartoli

6:50pm Interview | Matteo Mottin

7:15pm Interview | Riccardo Luciani and Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni about Art in transitional spaces

8:00om Talk live | Art as a means of acting, relating and reflecting on spaces undergoing processes of regeneration
With Andreas Angelidakis, Andrea Bartoli (Farm Cultural Park, Agrigento), Cristiana Perrella (Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato), Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli (architect and curator). Info & bookings





4.30 pm TALK |Generational comparison between historical mapping and contemporary demands with Luigi Presicce (Brown Project Space, Milano), Mirko Rizzi (Marsélleria, Milano), Estuario Project Space (Prato), Serena Schioppa (Castro, Roma), Francesca Manni (duepunti, Bologna)

6:15pm Interview | Global Tools 1973–1975: Quando l’educazione coinciderà con la vita.
With Valerio Borgonuovo, Silvia Franceschini and Gianni Pettena

6:45pm MPC (Many Possible Cities) glossary | Spaces & Places

7:00pm Talk live | From Spaces to Places: strategies for the adaptive reuse of buildings and spaces.
With Kendall Tichner (Industry City, New York), Johan Nicolas (La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille), Adam Thorpe (UAL Central Saint Martins, Design Against Crime, London). Moderates Marco Tognetti (LAMA – Developing Change). Info & bookings






2:15pm MPC (Many Possible Cities) glossary | Gentrification & Climate Change

2:30pm Interview | Riccardo Valentini

3:30pm Interview | Indy Johar

4:00pm Talk live | The future of cities through resilience, adaptation and access.
With Riccardo Valentini and Indy Johar, moderates Gregory Eve. Info & bookings



The Many Possible Cities and Portafortuna talks and panels will be recorded and published on from February 25th 2020.

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