Food and art: the B9 makers

Bulli&Balene, Soul Kitchen e Birrificio Valdarno Superiore

The presence of these 3 new artists of catering makes B9 an enjoyable place at any time of the day, from breakfast to after-dinner snacks, moving onto cocktails in front of the stage or a proper craft beer to accompany a good film. There are many reasons to visit B9, and one is definitely to sample the delights of the products offered by Bulli&Balene, Soul Kitchen e Birrificio Valdarno Superiore.


The bistro at B9 is provided by Bulli&Balene, and their business takes its inspiration from the Venetian ‘bacaro’. Any time of the day is a good time to try the ‘cicchetto’ snacks or one of the other delicious dishes on their menu. Everything they do is presented with impeccable aesthetic taste, pleasing the eye almost as much as the palate. The outside area which faces the courtyard is the perfect place to enjoy a break in the day, and the large table in the centre of the open space is ideal for enjoying a good coffee whilst you tackle your work emails or study for the next exam.

aperitivo a Manifattura Tabacchi, chicchetti bulli e balene

“Manifattura Tabacchi is also an opportunity to see things in a different way. Its beauty comes from the things that are created inside it, from how the spaces are used, the type of people that experience it and the ideas that we have in common.”

Virginia, manager Bulli&Balene.

Soul Kitchen

The gourmet pizzeria and the two cocktail bars at B9 are under the care of Soul Kitchen, who have brought their experience, their attention to detail, and ingredients of the highest quality to the spaces at B9. Every evening it’s possible to enjoy the excellent cocktails served at the two bars, one inside at the events space and the other outside by the stage. If you fancy something to eat whilst taking in a show or chatting away on the steps inside the Cortile della Ciminiera then try a slice of their gourmet pizza; hot, tasty, and prepared with seasonal ingredients.

Pizza gourmet Soul Kitchen Manifattura Tabacchi B9

Cocktail Bar Soul Kitchen Manifattura Tabacchi, interno Cocktail Bar Soul Kitchen Manifattura Tabacchi, esterno

“The gate at B9 transports you to a place which is contemporary and international, open to the future and to the city.”

Matteo Bonechi, co-founder Soul Kitchen.

Birrificio Valdarno Superiore


birrificio-BVS Manifattura Tabacchi B9

The brewery BVS was born of a passion for a territory and its produce: from the water to the choice of hops and other ingredients. The aim is to produce a beer that is 100% Tuscan, which speaks about the land where it was produced. Inside B9 at the Birrificio Valdarno Superiore you can taste craft beers made with ingredients that are typical for the area, such as potatoes from Cetica, and also hear stories about local beers, food, and small-scale producers.

“Manifattura Tabacchi is like this beautiful container from my point of view. There is a strong interaction between artists, musicians, artisans and cooks.  You’ve really got everything here and so this makes for this lively atmosphere where people want to interact. This is what I like about the Manifattura.”

Antonio Massa, co-founder Birrificio Valdarno Superiore.

For those who are just in need of some water, still or fizzy, we have the NaturizzataTM water station. At B9, we don’t have to pay for water and we don’t throw away plastic bottles, we have washable glasses instead.