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Dragonano is an independent shop which sells creative and educational toys.

Owner Barbara Santini had always wanted a shop with an atmosphere of magic and creativity, where you can find fun and educational toys of the highest quality, making them ideal and original presents for children of all ages.

Barbara was a participant in Social District, a Manifattura Tabacchi training project on digital communication, and here she presents her little shop of wonders, and how it began to provide a delivery service during the period of enforced closure.

Dragonano / Where we are all children






As a young girl, like all children, I loved losing myself in toy shops, large or small, for me they were magical places full of light, full of everything I’d ever dreamed of and things I couldn’t even have imagined.

As I got older, I noticed that this magic tends to disappear… Adults often don’t have the time nor the energy to spend on choosing toys for children, their perspective changes and they are not able to see things through children’s eyes.

I realised that I could help them to rediscover the innocence and energy that you need to understand children and the things they want, and who knows, maybe they’d even find their own inner child.

With this aim, I opened Dragonano in 2015, a place of magic where you can find creative and educational toys, made from wood and other high-quality materials, where buying original gifts is a simple and fun experience, a place where we are all children!

During the lockdown

Following the measures taken to halt the spread of Covid-19, the shop was temporarily closed. During this time, I have offered a free delivery service for orders over the phone. The shop has been completely sanitised and made ready to once again safely welcome customers when it reopens on 18 May.

Barbara Santini

Dragonano opened in 2015 and was born of Barbara Santini’s dream of owning an independent shop for creative and educational toys.

The toys at Dragonano are made from wood and other high-quality materials, all selected with care and attention. All the products that can be found in store have been chosen for their ability to develop creativity and stimulate children’s imagination and natural curiosity.

Toys for playing with and having fun together!

Barbara Santini

Via Maragliano, 64/a
50144 Firenze

phone: 055 0121960