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elena mazzi

For the fifth event in the series of La meraviglia Talks, Elena Mazzi presents an account of her own past experiences, taking a principally laboratorial approach in order to provide ideas and even practical advice on this methodology.

An artist who ranges freely from one world to another, Elena Mazzi has in fact participated and conducted numerous workshops in different contexts, both artistic and non-artistic, at the same time, laying out her creative universe in forms that are very much distinct from one another, but which retain a particular attention to territory and community.

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Elena set up the workshop with the artists in residence at Manifattura Tabacchi in the same way in which she approaches her own work, beginning with a study of the area, always maintaining the delicate balance between experience and knowledge, utopia and systemic criticism.

Her career has featured workshops in such diverse entities as the Spinola Banna Foundation, the GAM in Turin, and the Guilmi Art Project, all united by the anthropological method which Elena Mazzi employs to conceptualise and create her projects, even proposing them in different dimensions from where they were conceived, as in the case of Mass age, message, mess age. Initially started at Spazio Barriera in Turin in 2015 through research on the word “revolution”, the project was in fact re-proposed to the employees of the company Elica, as it was aimed at investigating the dynamics underlying communication strategies. It’s here that the centrifugal force of art emerges, where the spiralling of thought processes on big questions and abstract concepts throws out different means of transforming contexts, communities, and relationships.