Florence Folks Festival


from 10pm

For the second day of the Florence Folks Festival, the evening of 25 July is dedicated to African music and Portuguese expression with the concert by accordionist Julinho da Concertina, followed by a DJ set by Celeste Mariposa.





Julinho da Concertina


Julihno da Concertina was born on the island of Cape Verde but has lived in Lisbon since the
1970s. A musician with an impressive curriculum, who was part of the modernisation of Cape Verdean music and helped keep the musical style Funanà from extinction and spread its popularity.

Celeste Mariposa

dj set

From baile! Ex – portoguese colonies Lisbon party! brings the DJ set by Celeste Mariposa to the stage at Florence Folks Festival, a project from the label of the same name that wants to highlight the richness and beauty of these often-ignored sounds.