La meraviglia TALKS

Giulia Cenci


Wednesday 25 November, 19:30


The talk will be live streamed on the Facebook page of Manifattura Tabacchi.

A series of talks during which the artists and curators visiting Manifattura Tabacchi share their experiences, as such offering up a space for discussion during the course of their workshops with the artists in residence of L’armonia.

A conversation with Sergio Risaliti, Manifattura Tabacchi Art Residencies curator and Director of Museo Novecento of Florence. Introduced by Paolo Parisi, Art Residencies tutor.

The talk will be live streamed on the Facebook page of Manifattura Tabacchi.


L’armonia TALKS

h 19:30

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Giulia Cenci

Giulia Cenci (Cortona, 1988) graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, IT (2007-2012), received a Master of Fine Arts at St.Joost Academy, Den Bosch-Breda, NL (2013-2015) and she took part in deAteliers residency, Amsterdam, NL (2015-2017).

Selected solo shows include, Giulia Cenci, MUDAM, Luxembourg, curated by Marie-Noëlle Farcy; fango, SpazioA, Pistoia IT; Da lontano era un’isola, curated by C. Rekade, Kunst Merano Arte, Merano, IT; ground ground, SpazioA, Pistoia, IT; a través, Carreras Mugica (Hall), Bilbao ES; Offspring 2017 – DEEP STATE, curated by L. Almarcegui and M. Hendriks, De Ateliers,Amsterdam, NL; Mai, Tile Project Space, Milano, IT.
Group shows include, MAXXI BVLGARI PRIZE, curated by Giulia Ferracci, MAXXI, Roma, IT; Shapeshifters, curated by Anna Johansson, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö, SK; Metallo Urlante, CampoliPresti, Paris , FR; 15th Lyon Biennale / Jeune création internationale, curated by Palais de Tokyo, Institute of Contemporary Art, Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes, FR; Comrades of time, curated by Whatspace, Hardspace, Basel, CH; FutuRuins, curated by D. Ferretti, D. Ozerkov, with D. Dalla Lana, Palazzo Fortuny, Venezia, IT; That’s IT!, curated by L. Balbi, MAMBO, Bologna, IT; Hybrids, curated by C. Driessen & D. Jablonowski, Lustwarande, Platform for Contemporary Sculpture, park De Oude Warande, Tilburg NL; Sessile, curated by J. Minkus, Clifford Gallery, Colgate Univesity, Hamilton New York, USA; The Lasting. L’Intervallo e la Durata, curated by S. Cincinelli, GNAM, Roma, IT.

She has been recently awarded the Baloise Art Prize at Art Basel 2019 and shortlisted for the MAXXI BVLGARI PRIZE 2020.
The artist lives and work between Amsterdam and Tuscany.

In her process of observation Giulia Cenci selects elements that are irrelevant details of industrial objects or parts of our environment, capable of expressing transitory qualities, vulnerabilities, promises, and failures of human activities. Most of her works investigate the possible steps a thing is destined to assume, forming installations where objects and sculptures present elements of duplicity: belonging to forms and designs known and repeated in our present day along with the evident manual workmanship that scourged them, modeled them, stripped them to the bone or petrified them. Both these characteristics struggle to emerge inside the single sculptures, which become incomplete, imperfect elements soiled from any point of view. These enviroments are the consequences of an exasperation of sculptural actions (manual and mechanical) and of the gestures that are a constant in our imaginary: they are technique and technology, repetition, resemblance, nature, and the idea of reproduction. In this saturated Installations the viewer’s bodies often become a part of the total view. Vital component of the work partially obscured by the sculptures that surround them, their presences are destined to become fragmented views embodied by this landscape themselves, additional matter reacting with “the rest”.


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