Sunday 23 February


h 11:30am


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portafortuna exhibition

many possible cities programme

Independent publishing as a space for critical and artistic production

The talk comes from a desire to open up the debate on independence to the publishing world, looking at a series of projects that approach the world of contemporary art from different angles. The intention is one of understanding, firstly, how the contexts that produce critiques of contemporary art often operate as independent or non-profit associations, and secondly, reflecting on the role of publishing as a place ‘other’ than the exhibition space in which artists can express themselves.

Dafne Boggeri (SPRINT, Milan)
Dario Giovanni Alì (Kabul Magazine, Turin)
Pietro Gaglianò (Scripta Festival, Florence)
Valerio Mannucci (NERO Editions)
Moderates:  Marco Marelli (Forme Uniche)

Portafortuna talks podcast will be available on Manifattura Tabacchi website, radiopapesse.org and Spotify.