Saturday 22 February


h 4:30pm


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portafortuna exhibition

many possible cities programme

Generational comparison between historical mapping and contemporary demands

A conversation that looks into the generational tension between historic spaces and more recent projects, covering needs and motivations from a historical perspective.
The speakers will share their own experiences and questions to explore affinities and discrepancies in the name of independence. Entities from the more recent past, will be joined by heterogenous young projects in both statute and research.

Luigi Presicce (Brown Project Space, Milan)
Mirko Rizzi (Marsèlleria, Milan)
Estuario Project Space (Prato)
Castro Project (Rome)
Moderates:  Francesca Manni

Portafortuna talks podcast will be available on Manifattura Tabacchi website, radiopapesse.org  and Spotify.