Micah P. Hinson

LoudLift Live

Saturday 25 January 7pm
Free Entry


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The first international guest at LoudLift Live 

On Saturday 25 January at 7pm, the latest edition of LoudLift Live sees its first international guest star: Micah P. Hinson, American singer-songwriter known for his songs rooted in Americana folk and his world-weary voice. Accompanying him is Alessandro Asso Stefana, who collaborated with
Micah on his latest album.

In B9 a performance of real warmth, with thoughtful lyrics about a life lived sung by a voice that has experienced it all, the perfect campfire raconteur of tales from the deep south of the USA.

Free entry, subject to availability.


Micah P. Hinson

American folksinger Micah P. Hinson began writing music in the dusty town of Abilene, Texas. After a stretch of bad decisions, essentially landing him in a bout of homelessness, he was signed to London label, Sketchbook Records. Under Sketchbook he released his debut record Micah P. Hinson and The Gospel of Progress to high praise by press and new found fans alike. This was followed by travelling the world and releasing several other records such as The Opera Circuit, The Baby and The Satellite, The Red Empire Orchestra, The Pioneer Saboteurs, The Holy Strangers, to name a handful, and, lastly, When I Shoot At You With Arrows, I Will Shoot To Destroy You, released in 2018.

He has also worked on side projects which include The Late Cord on 4AD and Broken Arrows on Ravenna’s own Bronson Recordings. After touring over 30 countries, releasing 10 full length records, with almost 18 years of recording and touring under his belt, he is now working with Alessandro ‘Asso’ Stefano, of Brescia, to complete his newest work.

Alessandro ‘Asso’ Stefana

Alessandro ‘Asso’ Stefana, is an Italian guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. He collaborated with: Pj Harvey, Mike Patton “Mondocane”, Vinicio Capossela, Marc Ribot, Joey Burns (Calexico), Alessandro Alessandroni, John Parish, Gary Lucas, Dan Fante, Mark Orton, Leo Abrahams, Marco Parente, Bobby Solo, Cabo San Roque And Many Others. He’s Also A Founding Member Of The Band Guano Padano.

He played in Albums released by: Island Records, Warner Bros, Atlantic, Nonesuch, Thrill Jockey, Ipecac Recordings, Important Records, Skirl Records, Acuarela, S-Curve Records, La Cùpa, Tremoloa Records, Goodfellas, Mescal, Foolica Records, Woland, Urtovox, Malintenti Dischi, Santeria, Homesleep, Wallace Records, El Gallo Rojo Records, Pocket Heaven, Niegazowana Records, Holidays Records, Gibilterra, La Tempesta, Chesapik.


The first self-operated recording booth in Italy

The Manifattura Tabacchi recording booth, unique in Italy, is a place that was created to give a voice to musical projects and unconventional messages.

In just a few minutes you can create your own audio postcard – digital or vinyl – and experience how it feels to be a recording act.

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