Photo exhibition "Lines in the Mind" by Filippo Maffei

curated by Lorenzo Armati, founder of Switch

Partner: Leica Camera Italia




Opening | 14th July from 6.30pm

From 14th July to 3rd September at Manifattura Tabacchi – B9

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Sunday, from 9am to midnight
Free entry, entrance from Via delle Cascine 35.


Water and rock, two contrasting elements that have shaped each other.
A primordial world where there are no written rules but eternal laws dictated by nature and where man is only a witness of the present time.
Lines in the Mind is a photographic project in progress that explores the connections between the two natural elements of water and land perceived respectively through the practice of surfing and climbing.

Two mental states that find a meeting point in the fluidity of thoughts, in the elegance of the gesture, in the search for the line and in the awareness of being connected to the element itself at that precise moment.
The 9 shots on display in the B9 building of Manifattura Tabacchi represent the first part of a long-term project.



Filippo Maffei

Filippo Maffei is an Italian photographer, born and raised in Tuscany.
Constantly traveling, he makes the world his set. He begins by documenting the context where he lives, the skate and the street, the surf and the oceans. His style becomes immediately unmistakable.
In 2019 Filippo Maffei joins the new Leica professional network as a CERTIFIED BY LEICA photographer.