many possible cities

Art Project


A large collective exhibition, taking bridges as its theme.


Ponte is a project by Andreas Angelidakis, curated by NERO Editions and Fabio Quaranta, with the collaboration of Archivio Personale.

On the occasion of the Many Possible Cities festival, artist and architect Andreas Angelidakis presents ‘Ponte’ (bridge), an open call which aims to produce a large collective exhibition, taking bridges as its theme. Florence itself is famous for one of the most radical bridges of all time, Ponte Vecchio, connecting the two banks of the river as well as the people who live there. Angelidakis is asking the community to contribute to the exhibition with depictions, models and collages of bridges. Any type of bridge can be imagined or remembered, a bridge to cross, or to take shelter under. The exhibition is only the destination, the real journey is in creating an opportunity to generate a temporary community, a moment of meeting and discussion, in which the voice of an artisan or a child have the same value as those of an engineer or an architect

Friday 21 February
from 10 am to 6 pm
Foundation of the Bridge. Bring your Bridge and we set up the exhibition together.
At 6.30 pm Opening

Saturday 22 February
from 10 am to 6 pm
Structure of the Bridge. We study the bridges and we vote.

Sunday 23 February
At 5 pm
Crossing the Bridge, a celebration. We count the votes, announce the winners and discuss.



Andreas Angelidakis

Artist and Professor, he describes himself as “an architect who doesn’t build.” Instead he utilizes an artistic voice that switches between the languages of architecture, curating, writing, and the internet.

NERO Editions

NERO is an agency that works in the field of culture and the arts in a number of different sectors and formats. These include publishing, criticism, research, consultancy, design, art direction and event production, all of which are viewed as concurrent instruments to be used for conveying thoughts, ideas and issues about our historic and social present.

Fabio Quaranta

He is designer of the Fabio Quaranta brand and lecturer at the IUAV University of Venice and Course Leader in the Master of Science in Visual Arts and Fashion.

Francesca Pazzagli

Co-founder of Archivio Personale studio, that focuses on ephemeral architecture, temporary spaces and events production, working with popular brands, companies and foundations in the fields of design, fashion and contemporary art.