Beyond Bo(a)rders Première

Saturday, March 23rd at 5.00 pm | B9

Free Admission




Fortezza Crew on behalf of Longboard Girls Crew Italy will present the premiere of Axel Massin’s video Beyond Bo(a)rders on Saturday, March 23rd at 5.00 pm at Manifattura Tabacchi.

Beyond Bo(a)rders is the latest video from Longboard Girls Crew, the largest global community that supports, promotes, and encourages girls, women and all minorities in traditionally male-dominated sports such as skateboarding and longboarding.

The community, which comprises more than 60 chapters worldwide, aims to break down gender barriers and stereotypes by supporting girls, women, and non-binary individuals of all ages and ethnicities around the globe.

Each chapter is represented nationally by one or more ambassadors dedicated to promoting female skateboarding at all levels. They use it as a tool to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to overcome fears, particularly to harness their potential beyond the social and cultural stereotypes many have grown up with.

Every girl on a board can be an inspiration to another girl.



5.00 pm | Welcoming guests
5:30 pm | Video Screening
06.15 pm | Panel Discussion on Female Skateboarding
(A questionnaire will be distributed at the entrance where participants can express their feelings about their role in the world of skateboarding or sports in general)
06.45-7.30 pm | Surprise activities for participants
07.30 pm | Cocktail Reception at Bulli & Balene – DJ Set by Isabella Centaro


Longboard Girls Crew

Longboard Girls Crew was founded in August 2010 in Madrid by Jacky Mandenfrost and Valeria Kechichian with the aim of encouraging more girls to skateboard and ultimately changing the mindset of the skate industry worldwide. Currently, Valeria is involved with Longboard Women United, an NGO that uses skateboarding, longboarding, art, and education as means for change and improvement in vulnerable areas around the world.