The New Generation Festival

John Swing in collaboration with HAPE / DJ SET

Saturday 29 August 2020


Giardino della Ciminiera

Self-mentored by the deeper tones of soul and jazz music, John Swing has built a singular and lasting catalogue of dance music since his first house cuts began surfacing over a decade ago.  A clear vision of history’s musical pillars coupled with a human craft to refining sound give his live recordings the spirit to create a consistently novel spectrum of music. His vinyl only approach presents us with a unique and diverse voyage through past, present and future; from the late-night notes of Chicago’s underground bars to the beats of bembé percussions evoking tribal dancing in the Sahel, and much further…  

HAPE Collective was born in Havana in 2016 and through barrier-breaking musical encounters in iconic locations around the city evolved into a platform which promotes cultural exchange.   

HAPE, now represented in Cuba, U.S., Italy, Belgium and Chad creates spaces for artistic alliances, focusing on the exploration of new forms of musical expressions at the crossway between tradition and contemporary.