Valentine's Day | The languages of the Factory speak of love

From design to food to tailored clothing, to find a unique and special Valentine’s Day gift


In this first Valentine’s Day for the Factory, there are no shortage of refined solutions to inspire those in search of the perfect gift: tailored clothing, quality craftsmanship, gastronomic experiences, and moments of relaxation and self-care.

From the Arabesque ring by Fàbera Jewelry, handmade with Fairmined yellow, pink, or white 18k gold and 24 laboratory-grown diamonds, to the special project “Love Letters” by SUPERDUPER, which aims to celebrate love in all its forms by providing the opportunity to write a message inside one’s own hat. The engraving of initials, a date, or a word serves as a reminder never to part, creating a meaningful connection for the wearer. There’s also Oh, my darling Valentine! by LOSTUDIOESSE, presenting an exclusive format from February 10 to 17. Participants have the chance to attend four/eight classes and bring a special guest. Additionally, there’s the “Pure Relax” facial treatment by Blues Barber, designed for those who sleep little and never stop. The treatment includes facial cleansing with micellar water to remove dirt and impurities, concluding with a warm cloth treatment that pampers the face. And let’s not forget the Fuel EX Mountain Bike by Trek Bicycle, a trail bike capable of handling any situation, perfect for mountain enthusiasts.

For gastronomic proposals, it starts with breakfast featuring homemade pastries, moving on to a simple and original lunch, and culminating in a candlelit dinner with a special à la carte menu. For instance, Bulli & Balene offers a format designed to make guests feel good at any time of the day. On February 14th, you can enhance the day with a delightful moment to share gourmet dishes with your significant other—reinterpretations of the Venetian bacaro world in an urban-chic setting. Alternatively, you can indulge in a sweet break or a romantic treat from Cuchiss Lab, a bakery lab born from Elisabetta and Lara’s love for Anglo-Saxon desserts. They daily bake brownies, cupcakes, cakes, and muffins.


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