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Sedicente Moradi


The Florentine artist who uses wood to create his works of art.





After studying advertising graphics and illustration and graduating from the Art Institute, he trained as a painter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
Designer of chandeliers, he installs his creations in Rome, Milan, Turin, Paris, Cannes, Barcelona, Moscow and New York. Committed to painting, after winning the XVII Florence Prize and exhibiting at Palazzo Vecchio in the Salone dei Cinquecento, he participated in numerous exhibitions in Florence, Bologna, Cesena and Salerno.

Through the study and experimentation on the landscape in art theme, since 2010 he has gradually abandoned painting in favor of a direct dialogue with nature and with what it offers.
Today, he focuses on the experimentation on wooden assembly, a research that has lasted for five years and which he showed for the first time with the “Woodenkammer” exhibition at the Bellini Museum in Florence in 2015. Since then he has created works of public and environmental art for parks, green areas and gardens.
Wood is a medium with which he creates creatures that interact with the environment in which they live in: familiar and recognizable figures who interact with the landscape and with those who live it.
Sedicente Moradi’s installations are almost always made on site after understanding the environment.