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Bekhbaatar Enkhtur

Bekhbaatar Enkhtur

(1994 - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

Bekhbaatar first publicly exhibited his work as a participant in the collective show at the Galleria Bolognese P420, where his research revolved around the clay medium. Following this research, his nine Cervi (deer) took form. In 2018, he was an artist at the Fondazione Lanfranco Baldi residency program “Making of an Artist” in Pelago.

He worked on an installation as part of an artistic duo called “Nomadiuk.” During this residency, Bekhbaatar explored space through another of the main areas he researches, sound. Natural elements were also present in a piece created during the exhibition “La pratica quotidiana” at the Oratorio di San Sebastiano in Forlì, where the artist created a link between clay (inorganic matter) and leaves (organic matter). The two materials made up the Sette Cervi (seven deer) in the space of the Oratory.

Bekhbaatar performs artistic research revolving around the an idea intrinsic to all things: change. With the passing of time, every object and every being loses its original meaning to take on a new significance, a new function. Energy never runs out but only changes its form over time, in turn creating a different energy. Though the significance of its being may change, the essence of an object or body remains the same.