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Esma Ilter

Esma Ilter

(1993 - Marmara Ereglisi, Turkey)

Esma Ilter’s research questions the meaning of identity, understood as interaction with the surrounding environment, the environment itself and the our understanding of it. Works include site-specific installations, projections and sculpture.

Ilter’s art is modeled around the axis of history and around memory that resides and finds its form in space. The artist’s work was exhibited at the 7th Triennial of International Students in Istanbul and later the same year was shown all the way in the United States of America, at the College of Arts in California. 

In these two occasions, Esma Ilter worked on an installation video. The home elements were recorded and exported from a household environment to a foreign context, that of the capital’s city streets. 

At Istanbul’s 28th Art Fair, the artist proposed a sculpture conceived during artistic residence “deneyim.” The meaning of the work resides in the notion of space, intervallic by a simple wall structure, which breaks the eye and defines a new identity. The same concept was brought back at the Museo Nazionale d’Abruzzo in 2018.