Gioele Pomante

Gioele Pomante

(1993 - Pescara, Italy)

Gioele was enrolled last year at the Academy of Fine Arts of Aquila. He studied at ArtEZ School of Art in Arnhem in the Netherlands (2016-17). In 2018 he was a resident and collaborator at the ULTRASTUDIO Artist Run Space in Pescara. He is currently finishing his studies at IPL Escola Superior de Artes and Design at Caldas da Rainha in Portugal. Using different media, mainly installations and video-performances, he questions the existential condition of man and his relationship with time, trying to explore the very nature of existence, its contradictions and its values. With a particular interest in the physical universe in relation to the individual.

Recent exhibitions: Psychogeographic Mapping Research a brief approach of travel roads and mental spheres – ArtEZ institute of the Arts, Arnhem (2016); “Non contate sul mio passaggio” collective, curated by Enzo De Leonibus, Museolaboratorio-ex Manifattura Tabacchi, Città S.Angelo (2018); XIII Premio Nazionale Delle Arti, Palermo (2018).

Residencies: Ritratto a_mano3.0 with Gianni Caravaggio, curated by Giuliana Benassi and organised by Angelo Bucciacchio e Giuseppe Pietroniro, Caramanico (2016). Performer with Allora & Calzadilla, Revolving Door, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Arnhem (2018).

Artistic Residencies

three-year plan of manifatturanaturacultura

La Cura


Plaster and spray paints
450x210 cm

A rigid and yet dynamic material transforms. Imaginary places, other worlds. Casts of internal plastic surfaces that become external plastic landscapes, projection of an inner motion. Interior and exterior, universal and yet intimate landscapes. Micro and Macro cosmos meet, converse. Light and shadow, surface tension, projection of intimate landscapes in constant emotional change, external and intimate atmospheric alterations, where the outside and the inside become confused. Part of an infinite universe, which we inhabit and are inhabitants. Subjects of time that transforms things. Lived places or distant and solitary landscapes, unknown territories where you can imagine or hope for new beginnings. Here we meet, on the surface of things.