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Giulia Poppi

Giulia Poppi

(1992 - Modena, Italy)

Giulia Poppi lives in Bologna. Her work, brazenly hot and material, is imbued with symbolic references that relate to intimacy and mystery. Poppi employs synthetic materials and artificial light to create a plurality of images. These images, along with various objects and sketches of artefacts, are orchestrated in complex environments in order to generate bodily and tactile sensations. The physicality of the works often requires the viewer to reinterpret the character and the very experience of being in a given space which consequently triggers mechanisms of attraction and repulsion.

In 2016 Poppi founded Malgrado, curating its events along with two colleagues. Her most important exhibitions include: P420, Bologna (2016, 2018); CarDrde, Bologna (2019); Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio, Bologna (2019), Mambo, Bologna (2017), Localedue, Torino (2017) and Campo Base, Torino (2019), and the Biennale dei Giovani, Monza (2017).

In 2018, in collaboration with Illy, Poppi designed the graphics for the coffee tin labels. In 2019, Poppi won the prize for ‘collezionismo’ (ArtUp, Bologna) and was selected for the Mibac Young Artist’s prize in view of the exhibition hosted by the Quadriennale 2020 (Roma).